Real-time transportation visibility cloud software, putting you in control.

An all-in-one event-driven logistics visibility software providing real-time, proactive insights and tracking, enabling excellent customer service.

Improved efficiency and productivityImproved efficiency and productivity

Improved efficiency and productivity

Enhanced supply chain visibilityEnhanced supply chain visibility

Enhanced supply chain visibility

Data-driven decision makingData-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making

Excellent customer experienceExcellent customer experience

Excellent customer experience

Consolidated tracking

Consolidated tracking

X-Track provides consolidated tracking, events notifications, geotracking, prediction and ETA updates, allowing you to have and give visibility to your customers on each order across transportation modes.

Predictive ETA and notifications

Predictive ETA and notifications

Get updated in real-time on the estimated time of arrival, based on telematics integration or driver’s mobile devices. Flexible configuration allows you to choose which events to monitor and what channels are used to send the notifications.

Planning and execution visibility

Planning and execution visibility

Import data from your TMS or even Excel and monitor the workday based on resources, vehicles and drivers, by comparing what was planned vs the actual execution.

Reporting and dashboards

Reporting and dashboards

Get customisable and flexible KPI dashboards and reports to get information regarding costs, execution, performance, and support your decision-making process with real-time updated data.

Our customers already claim

+ 15%
Transport team productivity

Visibility for dispatchers to prioritise information and automate resources

+ 20%
Operational efficiency

Dynamically allocate loading docks to decrease idle times

+ 30%
Litigation resolution time

Speed up the detection and handling with instant access to the CMR

+ 2%
Carrier rates

Improve negotiation power to get better carrier rates

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