Cross-docking cloud software for hubs of all shapes, sizes and complexities.

Regardless of how sophisticated your cross-docking process is, X-Dock ensures your hub operations are more intuitive and sustainable.

Reduced logistics costsReduced logistics costs

Reduced logistics costs

Optimised inventory managementOptimised inventory management

Optimised inventory management

Enhanced customer serviceEnhanced customer service

Enhanced customer service

Sustainable logisticsSustainable logistics

Sustainable logistics

Inbound predictability

Inbound predictability

Obtain visibility over inbound shipments to enhance resource planning and utilisation. Plan according to data such as number of inbound transports, shipments, orders, loading units and even products to be received.

Full pallet, hybrid or order consolidation

Full pallet, hybrid or order consolidation

Manage the direct throughput of inbound goods to outbound docks. In addition, our robust rule engine enables the consolidation of orders down to product-level by end destination (address), country or next hub at each point within the network, optimising the order delivery process.

Dynamic lane assignment

Dynamic lane assignment

Allocate outbound shipments based on availability of the lanes and outbound transport availability, allowing better usage of the floor space within the hub.

Carrier integration & outbound planning

Carrier integration & outbound planning

Use our seamless carrier integration to book outbound transportation, ensuring efficient outbound planning. All goods are allocated to the best carrier option according to highly configurable rules, catering for all complexities of business requirements and restrictions.

Our customers already claim

+ 96%
Transport fill rates

Improve the usage of transportation resources

- 35%
Logistics costs

Improve efficiency and effectively manage exceptions

- 50%
Hub space required

Move goods through the supply chain faster

- 50%
Carbon footprint

Embrace sustainable logistics to minimise environmental impact

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