Monitoring delivery management in real-time
Success storiesMonitoring delivery management in real-time
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Monitoring delivery management in real-time

Monitoring delivery management in real-time

The Portuguese food-retailer SONAE struggled to keep track of all their deliveries in an efficient way. Implementing MIXMOVE on top of their existing systems allowed SONAE the ability to monitor everything in real-time.

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The context

From their central distribution centres in Lisbon and Porto, SONAE managed a fleet of more than 200 trucks. Some of the trucks were their own, while others were run by third-party transportation companies, yet all trucks operated interchangeably.

SONAE’s transportation department was responsible for delivering goods to more than 600 stores on a daily basis.

The challenges

  1. Tracking trucks and deliveries
  2. Estimating delivery time
  3. Efficiency and performances of the stores
  4. Effectiveness of the distribution operations
  5. Need for real-time information

Our solution

SONAE implemented MIXMOVE X-Track cloud software to enhance their logistics operations. The solution provided a comprehensive overview of the store fulfilment process and enabled each store manager to receive detailed information about the items to be delivered, including an exact estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Integrated with multiple telematics equipment and solutions, the MIXMOVE X-Track cloud software allowed immediate reaction to delays and unexpected events. The reception and unloading processes became more efficient, reducing non-value-added activities like emails and phone calls. SONAE also gained real-time visibility of all deliveries through a control tower dashboard, resulting in increased overall productivity and efficiency within their transport department.

Using this solution

Gain visibility and control over your Transportation and Logistics.

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