Facilitating long-term partnerships with optimised cross-docking
Success storiesFacilitating long-term partnerships with optimised cross-docking
Success storiesX-Dock
Facilitating long-term partnerships with optimised cross-docking

Facilitating long-term partnerships with optimised cross-docking

DSV’s strong relationship with 3M has MIXMOVE’s X-Dock software largely to thank, as the company’s productivity, visibility and efficiency have all reached new performance levels.

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The context

DSV is a global transport and logistics service provider headquartered in Hedehusene (Denmark) that offers professional solutions, modern transport and storage logistics services.

With its own branches and offices, DSV is active in more than 80 countries and six continents. With thousands of customers and a vast geographic footprint to manage, there is a constant responsibility to be agile to each client’s requirements, while also being uniform enough to achieve consistent performance levels.

In this case, 3M mandated DSV’s use of MIXMOVE X-Dock in two key Central European locations: Germany and Denmark.

The challenges

  1. Inefficient use of truck space within shipments
  2. Adoption of non-stackable pallets
  3. Visibility and transparency
  4. Accountability and agility
  5. 3M’s vast, high-profile network and requirements

Our solution

The MIXMOVE X-Dock software has delivered a host of additional benefits across the entire logistics process of DSV: optimum inbound planning, efficient pallet and parcel consolidation and reconstruction, agile outbound planning and execution, and real-time reporting on performance and operation tracking.


Ultimately, in just 12 weeks for each hub, this real-time, data-led cross-docking solution has afforded a level of speed and agility that other systems simply can’t handle.

+ 30%
Hub throughput

Compliance and alignment between the hubs was achieved with the same resources.

- 80%
Operators’ errors

KPI monitoring was enabled, leading to a dramatic reduction of errors.

Using this solution

Gain visibility and control over your Transportation and Logistics.

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