Use X-Dock to optimise your cross-docking operations
BlogUse X-Dock to optimise your cross-docking operations
Use X-Dock to optimise your cross-docking operations

Use X-Dock to optimise your cross-docking operations

In order for cross-docking to work effectively, it is essential that all hubs have access to the right software.

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The ability to move goods quickly and efficiently can mean the difference between success and failure. One key tool for achieving this is cross-docking, a process that involves quickly transferring goods from one inbound truck to another outbound truck, thereby reducing the time that inventory spends in storage. In order for cross-docking to work effectively, it is essential that all hubs, regardless of size or complexity, have access to the right software.

Best practices needed for streamlined cross-docking

Cross-docking software can automate many key steps involved in the process, such as tracking inventory as it arrives, sorting it into appropriate categories, and sending it on to the correct outbound truck or interim storage location. By streamlining these processes, cross-docking software can help to reduce errors and improve overall efficiency. Some key best practices include:

  • Automating your decision-making: Leverage multiple sources of internal and external data and apply the insight to your own set of rules and business requirements.

  • Having real-time visibility: Look over unit movements entering, within and exiting the hub, incorporating insight across the warehouse, inbound and outbound planning, and execution.

  • Optimise handling operations: Receiving, sorting, order consolidation, loading unit orchestration, documentation, labelling and all other relevant stages need to work together seamlessly.

  • Monitoring everything: All of the above, as well as shop floor processes, should all be visible through your cross-docking software.

How MIXMOVE X-Dock helps with optimising cross-docking

MIXMOVE X-Dock represents the most accessible cross-docking software for hubs and networks of all shapes, sizes and complexities. Regardless of how sophisticated your process level is, there is a configuration to make your hub operation more intuitive and efficient.

  • Inbound planning: Gain visibility across all incoming goods in real time. Management can be more proactive and efficient based on this clear view of expected arrivals.

  • Cargo consolidation and reorchestration: Enable this according to specific rules, capacities and objectives set by each organisation.

  • Outbound planning and execution: Optimised via an automatic loading unit, this ensures that each item has had the most efficient journey from arrival to exit.

  • Documentation and labelling: Ensure a smooth and accurate record of each item that passes through your hub.

  • Smart cross-docking rules: When enabled in a highly configurable way, you can adapt the system based on your personalised requirements. The automatic decision-making function then feeds into those set parameters – weight, volume, destination, transport mode, etc.

  • API and batch file integration: Speed up your overall execution processes thanks to seamless connections with systems including TMS, WMS and ERP.

  • Task management and outbound transport loading: Use our mobile application to optimise each scan and complete the cargo journey.

MIXMOVE X-Dock is a niche cross-docking software that makes your hub operations more intuitive and efficient. For more than 10 years, we have given shippers, carriers and logistics service providers the best customer experience in getting logistics transparency, predictability and resilience. We have a proven track record in delivering high ROI for our customers, some of which include DSV, Gebrüder Weiss, 3M, Volkswagen TPS, DHL and more.

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