Use X-Deliver for efficient delivery management and monitoring
BlogUse X-Deliver for efficient delivery management and monitoring
Use X-Deliver for efficient delivery management and monitoring

Use X-Deliver for efficient delivery management and monitoring

Delivery management is a critical part of any business that involves transporting goods to customers.

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Delivery management is a critical part of any business that involves transporting goods to customers. Whether you are running an e-commerce store, a restaurant, or a courier service, having an efficient delivery management operation can help you streamline your logistics, improve customer satisfaction and improve your profit margin. It’s becoming more complicated amid pressures to achieve more with less, to automate as part of wider digital transformation programmes, to enhance customer propositions in the digital era, and to do all of that in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Best practices needed for connected operations

With the current logistics landscape and what constitutes ‘best practice’ accelerated and altered, companies need to treat their delivery management operations holistically, and in a connected way. Many of the trends that were accelerated by the pandemic and by recent geopolitical challenges, were already present prior to 2020. Some key best practices include:

  • Indulging your customers’ need for speed: The notion of next-day deliveries is firmly entrenched in the customer psyche, and retailers need to be able to effectively predict their inventory levels and locations to meet this need.

  • Finding the best route: If you’re going to ensure the quick movements of items to meet customer demand, then route optimisation has never been more important.

  • Access to real-time visibility: For routes to be optimised, real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility is an absolute must. What if there are labour complications, fleet breakdowns, tech errors or route blockages across other phases of your supply chain?

How MIXMOVE X-Deliver helps with delivery management and monitoring

Effective delivery management in the modern supply chain requires a holistic approach. It calls for connected insight from all strands of an organisation’s own operations and its partners’. From first to last mile, you need a system that meets expectations across the full delivery experience, including delivery management and monitoring. The MIXMOVE X-Deliver cloud software helps with:

  • Carrier mobility: This is achieved through improved control of transport execution, via the MIXMOVE X-Deliver driver mobile application. Autonomy and flexibility are afforded to drivers as a result.

  • Telematic integration: Through connections to third party telematics systems, assets are more seamlessly tracked. Exceptions can be monitored and managed, as well as asset locations, cargo temperatures, and all other associated delivery conditions.

  • Configurable tracking: This allows for customised operational processes based on real-time requirements and potentially changeable parameters based on live events.

  • Multiple source tracking: With channel information from all important milestones of the operational process, it’s easy to identify exceptions quickly and accelerate mitigations.

  • Geofencing: This creates an additional layer of tracking based specifically on geographic locations, and their nuanced characteristics.

  • Predictive and real-time ETA: Vital to providing customers with visibility of orders, deliveries can also be adjusted in real-time based on both driver situations and customer preferences.

  • Event notifications: Taking tracking to a new level by configuring which events you want notifications on, things like timings, recipients and multi-channel options are all customisable across this function.

  • Reporting: Ensuring a sense of accountability is important to constantly improve your service. Data relating to costs, emissions, execution, performance, KPI metrics and speed all help the continuous improvement culture.

MIXMOVE X-Deliver is a cloud software for automating the process of planning, dispatching and routing, ensuring flawless collaboration, connectivity and visibility for planners, hub operators, drivers and customers alike. Its agile configuration ensures optimum efficiencies from first to last mile. X-Deliver can optimise your own capacities, resources and strategies, by simplifying the processes in between. With heightened collaboration, smoother communication and real-time visibility, logistics costs and CO2 emissions are also reduced en route to delivering the right product, in the right way, at the right time.

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